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About us

Our mission

Storage Coupon Guru is dedicated to helping people find storage deals and discount specials offered by storage facilities.  Using Storage Coupon Guru is a win-win for both the people looking for low priced storage units and the storage facilities looking to fill their empty units.  For the person needing to save big money on a storage units now, it’s as easy as finding a discount coupon on Storage Coupon Guru from the storage facility in your desired city or town.  For the storage facility owner, you can fill your vacant units by quickly posting coupons with your desired details, specials and discounts.  As occupancy changes, the coupons can be edited by you 24/7, as many times as you want.  Take control of your occupancy by partnering with Storage Coupon Guru.  Let Storage Coupon Guru match online shoppers with your vacant units.


How are we different

We know the industry.  The yellow pages are not being used like they once were.  Storage Coupon Guru is designed to be quick and easy for the person looking to save money on storage and extremely affordable for the storage facility owner that wants to control occupancy of any size or style unit.  Storage Coupon Guru is a true win-win for all.  Storage renters find great deals.  Storage facility owners fill their vacant units and get an improved web presence, even if they don’t have a web site. By joining our winning team, your storage facility is showcased to anyone searching online for a storage unit.  Unlike our cookie cutter competition, we don’t charge a storage facility multiple month’s rent if a unit is rented.  Or make storage facilities hassle with getting their fees back if the rental doesn’t work out.  Unlike the other guys, we don’t associate our partnering facilities to an impersonal call center that talks to their customers.  Storage Coupon Guru is different, we put customers directly in contact with the storage facility.  Storage Coupon Guru charges the storage facility a simple monthly fee, starting at $9.95 that can be canceled anytime.  Once you’re on the Guru team, you’ll find out the value of staying with us.  Unmatched value with an online presence that is needed in today’s economy.  Another win-win for all.