unit size chart

Unit Size Compared To What Can I store
25 sq.ft
Hall closet or half bath
4*6 Trailor

Our smallest size will allow for the contents of a small closet including: smaller furniture items, boxes, file cabinets and chairs.

40 sq. ft.
Medium Size closet
4x8 Trailer

Perfect for record storage, holiday decor, totes and small pieces of furniture.

50 sq. ft.
Walk In Closet
Pickup Truck

This space will allow for the contents of a closet including: furniture items, boxes, file cabinets and wardrobes.

75 sq. ft.
Small Office
5x9 Trailer

This size is perfect for a mixture of furniture and boxes. If you are decluttering to sell your home this unit works very nicely.

100 sq. ft.
Average size bedroom
14 Ft. Moving Truck

One of our most popular sizes, it will fit the furniture of a one bedroom apartment including most furniture pieces.

150 sq. ft.
Large bedroom
20 Ft. Moving Van

The space is ideal for business storage; overcrowded files, extra desks, and miscellaneous computer equipment. Will hold standard furnishings from a 2 bedroom home.

200 sq. ft
Small one car garage
24 Ft. Moving Van

A very popular size, this unit will hold furnishings fromĀ a two or three bedroom apartment / home with appliances, many boxes and extras or hold a car or truck.

250 sq. ft.
Large one car garage
26 Ft. Moving Van

Furnishings from a three or four bedroom apartment / home with major appliances will fit in this large unit. It can also hold a car, boat or truck.

300 sq. ft.
Extra long one car garage
40 Ft. Moving Van

One of the largest units we have, this unit will hold furnishings from a four or five bedroom home with major appliances or can hold a car, boat, or small truck. Ask! Bigger Sizes may be available!